Startups Empowering Project (SEP) is the initiative implemented by our managerial and project team, to uplift and help different ideas from different people accross the continent see the light of the day and flourish through the available strategies, opportunities and tools for business.


We mentor, accelerate and incubate innovative domestic and global business ideas. We work with both aspiring and driven entrepreneurial leaders capable of building outstanding startups that enhance the prosperity of their chosen ecosystem.


Our methodology is a thoughtful blend of cutting edge thinking and actioning, that together creates what we believe is the fastest, and most risk adverse way to take a project from idea to market. We combine the strengths of Lean methodology, with elements of Prototype and Horizon thinking, to create critical mind shifts and a road map that guides entrepreneurs down a quick and risk adverse path to global Startup success.

Share with us your business idea through: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can partner to help you to successfully implement it.